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LifeRing Secular Recovery (LSR) exists to serve recovering alcoholics and addicts, and the general public, by organizing meetings dedicated to sobriety, secularity and self-help, and by providing educational information toward that end.

Sobriety We are an abstinence-based organization. By “sobriety” LifeRing means complete abstinence from alcohol and illicit or non-medically indicated drugs. In our meetings, we help one another make sobriety the top priority in our lives. We don't drink or use, no matter what.

Secularity As our name indicates, we are a secular group, dedicated to providing an alternative to groups which stress supernatural or religious paths to recovery. Our meetings help our members strengthen their sober selves.

Self-Help We believe that the only people who can really know what a recovering person is going through are people who have been addicted themselves and are working successfully on their own recovery. While professionals are welcome to attend our meeting as observers, and addicted professionals are welcome to join our groups, our meetings are run by alcoholics and addicts, for the benefit of alcoholics and addicts.

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